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"... one of my main artistic goals: to put the listener into a timeless state of time..."
Marko Timlin's works are characterized by the imaginative, and often entirely alienated and distorted use of technology.
In this way he reveals beautiful and lyrical aspects of technology that people usually don't associated with it.
Many of his sound installations and musical instruments consist of components not originally conceived
for musical use or are made out of discarded elements, which he fished out of trash cans resurrecting them to a new artistic life.
Timlin is convinced that the artistic application of technology is socially highly significant, as it may be exemplary
for a peaceful and enriching coexistence between man and machine, rather than a
dystopian, oppressive and dehumanizing relationship.

brief biography

# Marko Timlin is a Finnish sound artist, composer, musician, performer and theatre director. Born 1973 in Karlsruhe, Germany, he lives and works as a freelance artist in Helsinki, Finland. In 2016 he received a working grant from Suomen Kulttuurirahasto to develop the "AUDIBLE LIGHT" project.

# Afer his first public concert in January 1989 he decided to dedicate his life to music. His musical career started in the early 90´s in London and the former East-Berlin where he soon became an active member of the alternative electronic music scene. His music has been published and distributed world-wide by record labels like SPV, INFRACom!, Punkt Music, Liquid Space, Poets Club Records and raum…musik.

# Through the literature of Thomas Bernhard and Paul Celan and the writings of Arnold Schönberg and John Cage he was introduced to a more abstract and complex form of artistic expression and from then on radically changed his own artistic and musical work.

# Today, he develops his own electronic and digital musical instruments which he plays regularly at concerts. In addition to his concert activities, he designs sound installations and composes music for theater plays and dance productions.

# He regularly performs all over Europe and North America including performances at "Sound&Sight" Montréal, "Mal au Pixel" Paris, "E:vent Gallery" London, "Whitebox Gallery" New York, "Digital Media Festival", Valencia, "La-bas biennale" Helsinki.

# During his career he has collaborated with many internationally acclaimed artist including Laub, Tomomi Adachi, Philip White, the 17 Hippies, Rope, Human Sampler, Foo Fanick, Petri Kuljuntausta, Klaus Janek, Kristina Frei, Egle Oddo and Merja Nieminen.


# Marko Timlin holds a Master of Music degree (M. Mus.) from Sibelius Academy Helsinki, Finland, where he studied Music Technology at the "Center for Music & Technology".

# From 1996-1998 he has studied Jazz- and Popular Music at the Music University "Franz Liszt" Weimar, Germany.

# He is also an active lecturer and in recent years he has been giving lectures at the New York University, the Royal Academy "Victoria Eugenia" in Granada, the Sibelius Academy Helsinki, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and the Music University Trossingen.


        2015 Muu for Ears Muu for Ears 13 Muu ry Helsinki
        2011 timlin [pøte:tr] limited art edition of 53 unique copies
    2006 Zeit_Raum  Zeit_Raum self-release 4DVD-box
    2005 timlin somebody elses's desire is always a wild cat  self-release
    2002 timlin Inside03_Compilation PoetsClubRecords
    2002 timlin MetroOne Collection_Compilation Liquid space
    2002 timlin afri cola essentials_Compilation raum...musik
    2002 timlin the love we share_Compilation Punkt music
    2001 timlin landing on planet t Punkt music
    2000 rope It’s no fun to compute DigitalHardcoreRecordings
    1999 tritop rosenwinkel INFRACom!
    1998 tritop Fast Forward_Compilation INFRACom!
    1998 tritop reume INFRACom!
    1992 Sassenage all in one day spv
    1992 Sassenage Subway Bubbles_Compilation Subway

For a detailed list of previous performances and events please visit the "performances" site -->

artist residencies
2014 ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, Karlsruhe(DE)
2014 Ptarmigan, Tallinn (EST)

movie projects
2008 "neon", art video by Egle Oddo and Marko Timlin
2008 "Un Béso", art video by Anu Miettinen, music by Marko Timlin
2006 "Zeit_Raum", art video by Kristina Frei and Marko Timlin

2014 "Un Béso", Studio Mustanapa, Rovaniemi, FI
2013 "Un Béso", Magito Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2008 "neon", Loop Barcelona08, Media Lounge, ES
         "neon", Pace Digital Gallery, Pace University, New York, USA
         "neon", National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, RU
         "neon", Videotage, Hong Kong, CN
         "neon", Videoart Center, Tokio, JP
         "neon", European Exchange Academy", Beelitz, DE
         "neon", Qs Digital Studios, Belfast, IE
         "neon", Espacio Abisal, Bilbao, ES
         "neon", Festival MEM, Bilbao, ES
         "neon", La Sala Naranja", Valencia, ES
         "neon", Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, DE
         "Un Béso", Rauman taidemuseo, Rauma, FI
         "Un Béso", Pereuchet, St. Petersburg, RU
2006 "Zeit_Raum", Kunstfabrik, Wuppertal, DE