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Bits and Bytes

In April BITS AND BYTES was presented at Tampere Biennale 2016. The exhibition was shown in Rajatila gallery Tampere, FI.

The exhbition space was very dark and mysterious featuring the new composition "A starry night in an expanding universe".

A sonic journey into outer space played by 104 floppy disk drives and glowing LED lights.

Bits and Bytes

In November 2015 BITS AND BYTES was presented during the Volume Symposium on Sound and Spatiality. The installation was shown in Musiikkitalo Helsinki, FI.

An amazing space almost 20 meters high with BITS AND BYTES playing the composition "Ant hill". Presenters during the symposium were amongst others: Christina Kubisch (DE), CM von Hausswolff (SE), Peter Batchelor (UK), Jana Winderen (NO) and Zimoun (SUI).

Bits and Bytes

In September BITS AND BYTES was presented at Akusmata Sound Art Gallery Helsinki, FI.

The featured composition "Ant hill" was inspired by ant-hill recordings I made in 2012. Imagine being inside an ant-hill, surrounded by never-ending short sounds, clicks, crackles and tiny movements: there are endless sonic variations inside a clearly defined overall structure.

Hanasaari kuuntelee MUUta

Video installation shot during a sound art club featuring a solo performance with the Sound-Disk-Machine. Presented at the Hanasaari Swedish - Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo, FI

This exhibition showcased new sound art by Finnish and Swedish artists. Featured artists: Jan Anderzén (FIN), Sana Ghobbeh (SWE/IRAN), Jörgen Häll (SWE), Stefan Klaverdal (SWE), Anssi Laiho (FIN), Viljami Lehtonen (FIN), Olga Palomäki (FIN), Jimi Tenor (FIN), Jone Takamäki (FIN), Tuukka Haapakorpi (FIN), Marko Timlin (FIN).

Dantons Tod

Interactive sound installation for Georg Büchner's drama "Dantons Tod" performed at the Stallhalle Rottweil, DE

The 5x8 meter steel wall was used as a gigantic loudspeaker, the 3 mobile loudspeaker-statues interacted with the actors and the audience was surrounded by a 8-channel loudspeaker setup. This music theatre project was a collaboration between Zimmertheater Rottweil, Music University Trossingen, Erich Hauser college and Jazzfest Rottweil.

a project : a room : 13 days

Generative sound installation presented at the Espoo Cultural Center during the Cartes Flux³ Festival, FI

Installation/composition for 4 actuators, whose sonic and spatial modifications were carried out in such a slow manner that they couldn't be clearly heard in detail, but surely perceived. These micro-changes of computer data resembled an organic life-form, which maintaining its overall structure is in a constant state of transformation.


Mixed media artwork exhibited on the shoreline of Särkiniemi, Lauttasaari, during environmental art exhibition Laru08, FI. "Progress" was made out of 2 dead bonsai trees, a lot of concrete and white spray paint.

Sometimes I wonder what is it actually that we call so proudly "progress"? At times it seems to me that we will not stop with this madness until the whole planet is buried under concrete.

Progress they say!
Progress I ask?

colours in a sonic space

Mixed media installation exhibited at Puristamo, Helsinki, during the Swap/Vaihto project, FI

This installation has been created in collaboration with Fiona Curran and Egle Oddo. A space, a white wall, a drawing, a dress and the sound of dripping nails.

it's all there

Mechanical sound installation installed on the shoreline of Särkiniemi, Lauttasaari, during environmental art exhibition Laru07, FI

This wind-driven installation transformed wind energy into motion and sound. A three-scoop turbine drove an old turntable that generated the installation's very subtle and non-intrusive sound. The work's sonic outcome depended heavily on the weather conditions controlling it. Its design was strongly influenced by the location, being only 3 meters away from the sea.