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Dantons Tod

Due to its big success in the previous season Georg Büchner's "Dantons Tod" was presented again in 2016 at Theater der Stadt Aalen, DE.

Dantons Tod

Further development of Georg Büchner's drama "Dantons Tod" presented at Theater der Stadt Aalen, DE.

This time we even went a step further in combining acting, sound art and interactive music theater. Sold out performances and rave reviews more than compensated for all the work and struggles prior to the premier.

Ein Volksfeind

Musical composition and dynamic sound diffusion system for Henrik Ibsen's drama "Ein Volksfeind" at Theater der Stadt Aalen, DE.

The musical composition was based on field recordings made in the Limes spa and the Wahl printing-office both located in Aalen. Additionally I designed a dynamic multi-channel setup with 2 quadraphonic systems surrounding the audience. This was necessary, because the actors and the audience changed sides after the break with the audience being on the actual stage.

Dantons Tod

Impersonating the role of the "machinist of the revolution" in Georg Büchner's drama "Dantons Tod" in the Stallhalle Rottweil, DE

The "machinist" is the man behind Robespierre and his political system doing all the "dirty" work and keeping the wheels of the revolution always in motion.

The Helsinki Meeting point

Live-setup using 2 coffee grinders with live-electronics for The Helsinki Meeting Point Extended Edition at Hurjaruuth, Helsinki, FI

The Helsinki Meeting Point is a free improvisation event where dance and music meet. Dancers: Giorgio Convertito, Riikka Innanen, Marisa Grande, Pia Lindy and musicians: Alejandro Olarte (guitar, electronics), Saara Rautio (harp), Marko Timlin (electronics, objects), Barnaby Tree (cello)

The Helsinki Meeting point

A free improvisation presented at the Helsinki Meeting Point in Kokoteatteri Helsinki, FI

Jens Biedermann (dance, akkordeon)
Giorgio Convertito (dance)
Marko Timlin (live-electronics, percussion)

Zip08 international dance festival

The Zip08 international dance festival took place in Orvieto, IT.

During Zip08 Marko Timlin played several group and solo improvisations and gave lectures about the combination of sound art and digital music with dance.

On the picture: dancer Giorgio Convertito and Marko Timlin during an hour-long free improvisation


Relativity was a multi-media work combining visual art, dance and sound art performed at Universum Teatteri Helsinki, FI

"...it is a misbelieve to think we are not anymore a part of nature. Mankind has always been and still is a part of nature, even while destroying it. Nature will surely survive us. How and if mankind will survive that is a mystery..."

Egle Oddo "The Reality": idea, installation, video
Giorgio Convertito "The Nature": dance
Marko Timlin "The Wind": sound performance