I love to work together with dancers that add their physicality to my sonic textures.

MOVING DARKNESS was a collaboration with dancer Riikka Innanen happening in total darkness, playing with the concepts of invisible form, the seen and the unseen. Using only small sources of light and reflective surfaces in motion, a unique experience of dance and music is created, awakening the audience to issues concerning the senses, perception and sensitivity.

THE HELSINKI MEETING POINT EXTENDED EDITION, a collective free improvisation between dancers and musicians, featuring the dancers Giorgio Convertito, Riikka Innanen, Marisa Grande, Pia Lindy and Saara Rautio (harp), Alejandro Olarte (guitar, electronics), Marko Timlin (electronics, objects), Barnaby Tree (cello).

ZIP08 international dance festival in Orvieto (IT) with Jens Biedermann, Giorgio Convertito, Keith Henessy, Nita Little, Adalisa Manghini, Jacky Miredin, Yanael Plumet, Alessia Scala, Sara Simeoni, Gionatan Surrenti, Marko Timlin, Barnaby Tree and Isabelle Uski.

THE HELSINKI MEETING POINT with Jens Biedermann (akkordeon, dance), Giorgio Convertito (dance) and Marko Timlin (live-electronics, drums)

Presented at

2012 Moving darkness at Kino Tapiola as part of Cartes Flux Festival, Espoo (FI)
2012 Moving darkness at Art Contact in HIAP, Helsinki (FI)
2011 The Helsinki Meeting Point Extended Edition at Hurjaruuth, Helsinki (FI)
2008 ZIP08, international dance festival in Orvieto (IT)
2008 The Helsinki Meeting Point in Kokoteatteri, Helsinki (FI)