I started this project in 2008, as I was longing for an instrument allowing me to create digital music in an improvisational, intuitiv and immediate manner. The SENSOR SOUND MACHINE is a sensor-based digital musical instrument comprising an arduino microprocessor, ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, solar panels, a UC-33 MIDI controller and the music software Max/MSP. Its sonic outcome is generated by digital feedback, which can be controlled in real-time using light and body motion. Concerts with the SENSOR SOUND MACHINE have been described as listening to the inside of an atom. One might call this kind of music 21st century "digital free jazz"!

Presented at

2014 Ptarmigan, Tallinn (EST)
2014 Jättömaa festival, Kouvola (FI)
2012 Theater am Ring, Villingen (DE)
2012 Là-bas Biennale, Helsinki (FI)
2012 EMTRCC, Nanchang (CN)
2011 Hörkunst Festival, Nürnberg (DE)
2011 Tytyri Mine Museum, Lohja (FI)
2011 Live Hering Festival, Jväskylä (FI)
2011 ARM, Maastricht (NL)
2011 Logos Foundation, Gent (BE)
2010 Staalplaat, Berlin (DE)
2010 Mal au Pixel festival, Paris (FR)
2010 L'envers, Montréal (CA)
2010 Diapason Gallery, New York (US)
2010 Casa Obscura, Montréal (CA)
2010 Cartes Flux 2010, Espoo (FI)
2010 Somewhere There, Toronto (CA)
2010 Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, Washington DC (US)
2010 Albany Sonic Arts Collective, Albany (US)
2010 Les Rencontres de Musiques Spontanées, Rimouski (CA)
2009 Espoo Museum of Modern Art (FI)