Marko Timlin is a Finnish-German artist creating artworks that link science with art, technology with nature and the past with the present. His artistic work centers on the technical, aesthetic and philosophical development of kinetic sound sculptures, dynamic light installations, performances with self-made sound machines and multimedia theater plays. He is at the same time seeker, musician, performer, sculptor, poet, but also craftsman, and stage director.

Timlin’s works have been exhibited and performed world-wide including at Whitebox New York (USA), Sight & Sound Festival Montréal (CA), Fylkingen Stockholm (SE), Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Helsinki (FI), Mal au Pixel Paris (FR), E:vent gallery London (UK), MIMstuudio Tallinn (EST), Neues Museum Nürnberg (DE), Espoo Museum of Modern Art (FI), Digital Media Festival Valencia (ES), EMTRCC Nanchang (CN), Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (NO) and Pori Art Museum (FI).

This is what the press says about his work:

“There are no fewer than 12 sound art exhibitions at the Tampere Biennale. One of the most inventive works is the kinetic sound installation BITS and BYTES by artist Marko Timlin: it is scored, if one can use that word, for 104 floppy disk drives whose frequencies can be modified in real time.” (Aarne Toivonen, Finnish Music Quarterly)

"It is no coincidence that Marko Timlin's approach is part of a broader perspective of coexistence between the human and the machine. With the SOUND DISK MACHINE Timlin proves that both can work together to create works that transcend them." (Chloé Leduc-Bélanger, Les méconnus, Montréal)


2023 BITS AND BYTES, RIXC Center for New Media Culture, Riga (LV)
2023 BITS AND BYTES, Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan, Umeå (SE)
2021 SCANNER ORCHESTRA, Heureka - the Finnish Science Centre, Vantaa (FI)
2017 PUPPEN, Third Space, Helsinki (FI)
2017 AUDIBLE LIGHT, Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki (FI)
2015 BITS AND BYTES, Akusmata Sound Art Gallery, Helsinki (FI)


2022 BITS AND BYTES at Piksel Festival, Kunstskolen I Bergen, Bergen (NO)
2021 NEON at DEATH TO THE CURATOR, Kunsthall Oslo (NO)
2020 AUDIBLE LIGHT at AAVISTUS Festival, Helsinki City Museum (FI)
2019 FINNISH SOUND ART, Avery Fisher Center, New York City (US)
2018 DJEVELPORTEN (8-channel composition), Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (NO)
2016 BITS AND BYTES, Tampere Biennale, rajatila galleria (FI)
2015 BITS AND BYTES, Volume - Symposium on Sound & Spatiality, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki (FI)
2015 HANASAARI KUUNTELEE MUUTA, Hanasaari Swedish - Finnish Cultural Centre, Espoo (FI)
2008 PROGRESS, environmental art exhibition LARU08, Lauttasaari (FI)
2008 PATTERNS IN A SONIC FIELD, Puristamo Cable Factory, Helsinki (FI)
2008 HOW GIRAFFES DANCE, Bureau Gallery, Manchester (UK)
2008 A PROJECT:A ROOM:13 DAYS, Cartes Flux3, Espoo Cultural Centre (FI)
2007 IT'S ALL THERE, environmental art exhibition LARU07, Lauttasaari (FI)


2018 DAS FAUST-EXPERIMENT, multimedia theater play, City Theatre Aalen (DE)
2017 DAS FAUST-EXPERIMENT, multimedia theater play, City Theatre Aalen (DE)
2016 DANTONS TOD, multimedia theater play, City Theatre Aalen (DE)
2015 DANTONS TOD, multimedia theater play, City Theatre Aalen (DE)
2014 EIN VOLKSFEIND, theater play, City Theatre Aalen (DE)
2013 DANTONS TOD, multimedia theater play, Zimmertheater Rottweil (DE)
2008 RELATIVITY, multimedia theater play, Universum Teatteri (FI)


SCANNER ORCHESTRA – kinetic sound and light sculpture using alienated flatbed scanners
SOUND DISK MACHINE – experimental light-sensitive sound machine for concerts
FLOPPYPHONIUM - musical instrument comprising 104 alienated floppy disk drives
AUDIBLE LIGHT – kinetic analog photoelectronic sound sculpture
BITS AND BYTES – kinetic sound sculpture using 104 floppy disk drives
DANTONS TOD – large-scale interactive and electromagnetic sound installation for theatre play
SENSOR SOUND MACHINE - sensor-based digital musical instrument
SOLENOID ORCHESTRA – kinetic drum machine using electromagnets


2023 "Particles" compostion for digital feedback, ultrasonic sensors, solar panels and infrared sensors, duration 30:30 min
2023 "Cycles" composition for 104 floppy disk drives, duration 11:11 min
2023 "Vita Kuben" composition for 104 floppy disk drives, duration 10:30 min
2022 6 new works for SOUND-DISK-MACHINE and mobile video camera, various durations
2021 "3 movements" composition for 7 spatially distributed flatbed scanners, duration 11:45 min
2019 "Snow Crystals" composition for 104 floppy disk drives, duration 8:30 min
2018 "Djevelporten" composition for 8 loudspeakers, duration 5:58 min
2018 "Particle drift(s)" for SOUND-DISK-MACHINE, duration 20:00 min
2018 "Dronescape" for 104 floppy disk drives, duration 21:00 min
2017 “Android's dance” for 26 floppy disk drives, duration 3:00 min
2016 “A starry night in an expanding universe” for 104 floppy disk drives, duration 8:00 min
2016 “Dantons Tod” music for theatre play, duration 40:00 min
2016 “Kvartsit” for SOUND-DISK-MACHINE, duration 29:00 min
2015 “Ant hill” for 104 floppy drives, duration 15:00 min
2015 “Musta monoliitti” for SOUND DISK MACHINE, duration 4:29 min
2015 “Kvartsin sisäpuoli” for SOUND-DISK-MACHINE, duration 4:06 min
2015 “Partikeleiden pyry” for SOUND-DISK-MACHINE, duration 35:00 min
2014 “Ein Volksfeind” music for theatre play, duration 30:00 min


2023 Art, science & techno-ecologies residency @ RIXC, Riga (LV)
2021 Swedish Lapland AiR, Haparanda (SE)
2018 North Norwegian Artist Center, Svolvær (NO)
2014 “Axis in Praxis” Ptarmigan, Tallinn (EST)
2014 ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe (DE)


2015 Muu for Ears 13 – CD – Muu ry
2011 timlin “[pø.tɛtʁ]” – CD – cardboard records
2006 “Zeit_Raum” – 4DVD box – Kunstfabrik Wuppertal
2004 timlin „somebody else's desire is always a wild cat“ – CD – cardboard records
2002 “Inside03” compilation CD – PoetsClubRecords
2002 “MetroOne Collection” – CD – Liquid Space
2002 “afri cola essentials” compilation – CD – raum...musik
2002 “the love we share” compilation – CD – Punkt Music
2001 timlin „landing on planet t“ – CD – Punkt Music
2000 rope “It’s no fun to compute“ – CD – Digital Hardcore Recordings
1999 tritop „rosenwinkel“ – CD – INFRACom!
1999 tritop „reume“ – EP – INFRACom!
1998 tritop „Fast Forward” compilation“ – CD – INFRACom!
1992 Sassenage “all in one day” – CD – spv


2011 Master of Music, music technology study program, Sibelius Academy (FI)
2009-10 Music technology study program, as exchange student at McGill University, Montréal (CA)
2005-11 Music technology study program, Sibelius Academy (FI)
1996-98 Jazz music study program, Music University “Franz Liszt” Weimar (DE)


2023 Working grant, Taiteen edistämiskeskus
2022 Travel grant, Frame
2022 Working grant, Taiteen edistämiskeskus
2021 Working grant, Taiteen edistämiskeskus
2020 Working grant, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto
2019 Travel grant, Frame
2019 Working grant, Kone foundation
2018 Working grant, Svenska Kulturfonden
2017 Production grant, Sipoon kunta
2017 Production grant, Innovationsfond Baden-Württemberg
2017 Production grant, Carl Zeiss Stiftung
2016 Working grant, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto
2016 Production grant, Taiteen edistämiskeskus
2016 Travel grant, Taiteen edistämiskeskus
2016 Production grant, Oskar Öflundin säätiö
2015 Travel grant, Taiteen edistämiskeskus
2014 Working grant, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto
2013 Working grant, Cartes Centre of Art and Technology Espoo
2011 Production grant, Sibelius Akatemia
2010 Travel grant, Centre for Music&Technology, Sibelius Akatemia
2010 Travel grant, Centre for Music&Technology, Sibelius Akatemia
2010 Travel grant, Arts Council of Finland
2009 Working grant, Cartes Centre of Art and Technology Espoo
2009 Travel grant, Arts Council of Finland
2008 Travel grant, Arts Council of Finland
2008 Travel grant, Centre for Music&Technology, Sibelius Akatemia
2008 Production grant, Centre for Music&Technology, Sibelius Akatemia


14.12.2023 Solo concert with the SENSOR-SOUND-MACHINE at RIXC, Riga, LV

20.02.2021 Sonic Arts Month, MUU Contemporary Art Centre, Cable Factory, Helsinki (FI)

26.11.2019 MuteFest'19, Black Box, Musiikitalo, Helsinki (FI)
27.-28.11.2019 Quadrophonia #4.0, Neues Museum, Nürnberg (DE)

09.09.2018 Lofoten Sound Art Symposium, Henningsvær (NO)

25.06.2016 Abyss Festival, Pori Art Museum, Pori (FI)
13.06.2016 Abyss Festival, Kiasma Teatteri, Helsinki (FI)

26.09.2015 The 5th International Conference on Minimalist Music, Helsinki (FI)
05.09.2015 Planet Suvilahti, Helsinki (FI)
24.08.2015 Sound Art Day I, Helsinki (FI)
05.06.2015 bgalleria, Turku (FI)
03.06.2015 MIMstuudio, Tallinn (EST)
30.05.2015 Apina Festival, Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki (FI)
28.05.2015 Fylkingen, Stockholm (SE)
23.05.2015 Sound&Sight Festival, Montréal (CA)
19.05.2015 Red Room, Baltimore (USA)
18.05.2015 The Living Gallery, New York (USA)
15.05.2015 Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, Washington DC (USA)
10.05.2015 AS220, Providence (USA)
09.05.2015 Washington Street Arts, Boston (USA)
13.02.2015 Frapé, Aalen (DE)

06.12.2014 Third Space Helsinki (FI)
15.10.2014 Amorph14!-Festivaali, Helsinki (FI)
04.09.2014 Ptarmigan, Tallinn (EST)
19.07.2014 Jättömaa Festivaali, Kouvola (FI)
12.07.2014 Titanik Galleria, Turku (FI)

Apr-May 2013 DANTONS TOD, Zimmertheater Rottweil (DE)

17.10.2012 Cartes Flux 2012 (with dancer Riikka Innanen), Kino Tapiola (FI)
08.10.2012 Theater am Ring, Villingen (DE)
26.05.2012 Art Contact (with dancer Riikka Innanen), Helsinki (FI)
27.04.2012 Là-bas Biennale, Helsinki (FI)
15.04.2012 Electronic Music Technology Research and Creation Centre, Nanchang (CN)

10.12.2011 The Helsinki Meeting Point, Hurjaruuth, Helsinki (FI)
09.12.2011 The Helsinki Meeting Point, Hurjaruuth, Helsinki (FI)
17.04.2011 Hörkunst Festival (with Petri Kuljuntausta), Nürnberg (DE)
19.03.2011 Tytyri Mine Museum, Lohja (FI)
10.03.2011 Live Hering 11-Festival, Jväskylä (FI)
04.03.2011 ARM, Maastricht (NL)
03.03.2011 Logos Foundation, Gent (BE)

25.11.2010 Staalplaat, Berlin (DE)
22.10.2010 Cartes Flux 2010 Festival, Espoo (FI)
20.06.2010 Mal au Pixel festival, Paris (FR)
25.05.2010 Les Rencontres de Musiques Spontanées, Rimouski (CA)
19.05.2010 Casa Obscura (with Lori Freedman, Michel Côté & Joane Hétu), Montreal (CA)
18.05.2010 Diapason Gallery, New York City (USA)
16.04.2010 Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, Washington D.C. (USA)
13.04.2010 Whitebox Gallery, New York City (USA)
10.04.2010 Albany Sonic Arts Collective in Albany, NY (USA)
09.04.2010 L'envers, Montréal (CA)
03.04.2010 Somewhere There, Toronto (CA)

23.10.2009 L'envers (with Laura Emelianoff), Montreal (CA)
30.08.2009 EMMA, Espoo Museum of Modern Art (FI)
26.05.2009 Silakka Radio Show, Lähiradio 100,3MHz, Helsinki (FI)
14.05.2009 Studio B2 Zodiac (with dancer Giorgio Convertito), Helsinki (FI)
21.03.2009 LeCagibi, Montreal (CA)
20.03.2009 Lab Synthèse, Montréal (CA)
15.03.2009 Share, New York (USA)

04.09.2008 Helsinki Meeting Point, Kokoteatteri, Helsinki (FI)
16.07.2008 Islington Mill, Manchester (UK)
21.-29.6.08 Zipfestival08, Orvieto (IT)
05.06.2008 Helsinki Meeting Point, Kokoteatteri, Helsinki (FI)
14.05.2008 Lähiradio (100.3MHz), Helsinki (FI)
17.04.2008 Digital Media Festival (with Merja Nieminen), Valencia (ES)
28.01.2008 SibaFest, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (FI)

14.12.2007 Academy of Fine Arts (with Merja Nieminen), Helsinki (FI)
10.10.2007 Wee-Gee talo (with the ImproMasters), Espoo (FI)
15.09.2007 Tehdas at EMMA (with Egle Oddo), Espoo (FI)
13.06.2007 Juttutupa (with Klaus Janek), Helsinki (FI)
11.06.2007 E:vent (with Klaus Janek), London (UK)
09.06.2007 Café Wendel (with Klaus Janek), Berlin (DE)
19.05.2007 Impro-gaala of Z-in-Motion festival at Zodiac, Helsinki (FI)
30.03.2007 Helsinki Invasion, Ballhaus Naunystrasse, Berlin (DE)
01.03.2007 The Helsinki Meeting Point, Kokoteatteri, Helsinki (FI)
16.02.2007 View07 festival, Korjaamo, Helsinki (FI)
18.01.2007 le placard headphone festival, Helsinki (FI)

24.08.2006 Kunstfabrik (with Kristina Frei), Wuppertal (DE)
10.08.2006 Café Journal, Köln (DE)
07.05.2006 ImprovHelsinki, Helsinki (FI)
05.05.2006 NewImpromasters at Fylkingen Stockholm (SE)
26.04.2006 Kanneltalo, Helsinki (FI)
24.04.2006 NewImpromasters at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (FI)
21.03.2006 NewImproMasters, remote concert at ComputerSienceCentre with the Percussion Ensemble of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (FI&USA)
01.02.2006 NewImproMasters, remote concert with the Improvisation Ensemble of Vancouver at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (FI&CA)
27.01.2006 Damen und Herren, Düsseldorf (DE)