Västerbottens-Kuriren (SE) - January 2023

"The sound of 104 old computers creates music... The beauty and magic of art is transformation."
(Lars Böhlin in Västerbottens-Kuriren 20.1.2023)

Haparandabladet (SE) - August 2021

"Marko Timlin mixes man and machine, as if he were a Terminator of the tones."
(Lasse Stenman in Haparandabladet 27.08.2021)

Keskipohjanmaa (FI) - December 2018

"I love strange sounds."
(article about me and my artistic work in Keskipohjanmaa newspaper 16.12.2018)

Reviews "THE FAUST-EXPERIMENT" (DE) - October 2017

"Experiment succeeded...a worth watching comment about the problems between the poles of man/machine or emotion/reason."
(Ansgar König in Schwäbische Zeitung, 15.10.2017)

"A recommedable Faustexperiment in the digital era. A meaningful plea for the vulnerable being human."
(Wolfgang Nussbaumer in Schwäbischen Post, 16.10.2017)

BITS AND BYTES at Tampere Biennale (FI) - April 2016

"Timlin plays floppy disk drives like an organ...each floppy disk drive has its own distinctive timbre." (Raili Roth in Aamulehti newspaper)

“There are no fewer than 12 sound art exhibitions at the Tampere Biennale. One of the most inventive works is the kinetic sound installation BITS and BYTES by artist Marko Timlin: it is scored, if one can use that word, for 104 floppy disk drives whose frequencies can be modified in real time.” (Aarne Toivonen, Finnish Music Quarterly)

Reviews "DANTONS TOD" (DE) - January 2015

"Dantons Tod in a remarkable production. The masses and sounds unleashed by Timlin could be considered the play's true leading actor."
(Holger Scheerer in Heidenheimer Zeitung, 31.1.2015)

"Tonio Kleinknecht’s clockwork runs perfectly. In front of a steel wall operates Marko Timlin at his sound desk as unapproachable machinist of the revolution."
(Wolfgang Nussbaumer in Schwäbische Post, January 2015)

The wire (UK) - September 2011

"Great passages crop up here and there, such as the slowly descending sinetone choral at the end of track two..."
(review of the CD "peutetre" by marko timlin)

La Opinión (ES) - January 2006

"Nowadays we have the musical possibilities the avantgardists were dreaming of..."
(interview with La Opinión de Granada)