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My large-scale, kinetic sound installation BITS AND BYTES is now exhibited from 20.1.-28.2.2023 at Vita Kuben in Umeå (SE). Opening on Friday, 20.1., was great!!! Vita Kuben is an exhibition space run by Norrlandsoperan, together with Umeå Municipality. In Vita Kuben installations and sound, video and performance art are shown in harmony with the opera house's program. Since its foundation in 1974, Norrlandsoperan has developed from a regional opera ensemble into a centre for performing arts. Norrlandsoperan includes Norrlandoperan Symphony Orchestra and departments for opera, dance, music and contemporary art.
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My large-scale, kinetic sound installation BITS AND BYTES was exhibited at PIKSEL Festival in Bergen (NO) from 17.11.-27.11.2022. PIKSEL is a renowned festival for arts and free technology, thus a perfect setting to exhibit this installation. PIKSELXX AI AI AI presented one of the largest exhibitions in Bergen dedicated to electronic art. During the festival I also gave an artist talk about the technical, artistic, philosophical and aesthetic principles of this installation. I enjoyed participating in the festival and I met so many interesting artists!
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In February and March 2022 I stayed in Berlin (DE) making a series of photos and videos with Berlin-based visual artist Anne-Louise Frei. All these new works feature the SOUND-DISK-MACHINE. What an interesting and fruitful creation period that was. I discovered so many new things about this experimental sound machine. Watch out soon for amazing videos and photos!!!