This work was a generative sound installation for self-made actuators and loudspeaker objects lasting 13 days. The loudspeaker objects were built using coil springs, a washing machine, a huge plastic tube and metal sheets. They were designed to add their own acoustic peculiarities to the sounds they diffuse. The musical composition's length corresponded exactly to the Cartes Flux3 festival's duration. The music lasted from 6 p.m. on 6.5.08 until 3 p.m. on 18.5.08. The progression of the music could be followed by a hand-written graphical score especially made for this installation.

Its soundscapes were always in motion, where sonic changes were carried out so slowly that the subtle modifications could not be clearly heard in detail, but surely perceived. This approach was inspired by the growth of a plant, which cannot be seen even though we see when the plant has grown. In this way the installation's soundscapes resembled an organic life-form being in a constant state of change while maintaining its overall form. A small monitor showed the computations causing these changes. This pointed out that the audience witnessed a process happening right now and right there.

Exhibited at

2008 Cartes Flux3 Festival, Espoo (FI)