2023-24 RIXC Gallery, Riga (LV)

2023 Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan Ume├ą (SE)

2022 Piksel Festival, Bergen (NO)

2019 MuteFest┬┤19, BlackBox Helsinki (FI)

2016 Tampere Biennale (FI)

2015 Volume Symposium on Sound and Spatiality, Musiikkitalo Helsinki (FI)

2015 Akusmata Sound Art Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

BITS AND BYTES is a large-scale sound sculpture consisting of 104 floppy disk drives. Its sonic outcome is created solely by the floppy disk drives' mechanical motions. The frequency of each floppy disk drive can be controlled employing arduino microprocessors.

This art project is a work in progress that started in 2012 during a 3-month research scholarship at Cartes, Centre of Art and Technology Espoo (FI).

From 2018-2021 I have developed a second version intended for concerts called the FLOPPYPHONIUM, which can be played in real-time like a futuristic organ using standard MIDI devices.