Finnish Sound Art Concert

Avery Fisher Center New York City (US), November 1, 2019

Featured artists: Lora Dimova, Tuukka Haapakorpi, Jarmo Huhta, Anssi Laiho, Marko Timlin

For this listening concert I composed a new piece entitled SNOW CRYSTALS, a composition for 104 spatially distributed floppy disk drives. The composition was recorded with 8 microphones arranged in a circle so it could be played back in New York using an octophonic loudspeaker system surrounding the audience.

This concert was a collaboration of Helsinki-based Artists' Association MUU and New York-based composer and curator Michael J. Schumacher.

Technical details
Audio channels: 8
Duration: 6:59 min.
File format: 8 mono tracks in 48kHz/24 bit
Speaker placement: speakers positioned in a circle around the listeners
Seating arrangements: no chairs so that the audience can wander around and make their own “mix” depending on where they are
Lighting: a very warm and dimmed cue state inviting the audience to immerse in the composition

File under:
# New York City
# eight-channel sound
# floppy disk drives
# surround sound
# spatial audio
# Michael J. Schumacher
# MUU ry