2008 Swap/Vaihto group exhibition in Puristamo at Cable Factory, Helsinki (FI)

COLOURS IN A SONIC SPACE is a mixed media installation made in collaboration with Fiona Curran and Egle Oddo. A space, a white wall, a drawing, a dress and the sound of dripping nails.

This work was the result of the Swap/Vaihto exchange programme between Manchester-based and Finland-based artists.

Swap/Vaihto participants were: Egle Oddo, Marko Timlin, Barbro Björkfelt, Hannu Häkkinen, Jonne Pitkänen, Jaana Kokko, Hannu Karjalainen, Virva Sointu, Mikko Oravainen, Juhana Moisander, Andrew Bracey, Jonathan Carson, Anne Charnock, Fiona Curran, Samantha Donnelly, Janet Griffiths, Lesley Halliwell, Tim Machin, Sophia Crilly, Mark Kennard, Rosie Miller, Ima Picó and Tom Watson.