2016 City Theater Aalen (DE)

2015 City Theater Aalen (DE)

I was doing the play's stage design, sound design and impersonated the role of the "machinist of the revolution", the man behind Robespierre and his political system during the French Revolution's "Reign of Terror". The play took place inside a gigantic interactive sound installation, where a 5x8 meter steel wall was used as a loudspeaker, 3 mobile loudspeaker-sculptures interacted with the actors and a 10-channel loudspeaker setup surrounded the audience.

Direction: Tonio Kleinknecht
Co-direction: Marko Timlin
Actors: Marc-Philipp Kochendörfer, Arwid Klaws, Daniel Kozian, Bruno Lehan, Alice Schmidt, Ramona Suresh and Kristine Walther
Music: Matthias Anton and Marko Timlin
Stage design: Tonio Kleinknecht, Marko Timlin, David Besenfelder
Dramaturgy: Anne Klöcker
Costumes: Katharina Schlipf