2014 City Theater Aalen (DE)

EIN VOLKSFEIND, a drama written by Henrik Ibsen. My musical compositions for this play were based on field recordings made on site in the Limes spa and the Wahl printing-office both located in Aalen. For the sound diffusion I designed a dynamic multi-channel setup with two quadraphonic systems both surrounding the audience. This was necessary, because the actors and the audience changed sides after the break with the audience being on the actual stage. My role in this production: 4-channel field recordings, design of an interactive 8-channel sound diffusion system and musical composition.

Direction: Tonio Kleinknecht
Actors: Alessandra Ehrlich, Andreas Jendrusch, Arwid Klaws, Marc-Philipp Kochendörfer, Cornelia Schönwald, Bernd Tauber and Dominik Weber
Dramaturgy: Winfried Tobias
Scenography: Matthias Strahm
Sound design: Marko Timlin