2007 Universum Teatteri, Helsinki (FI)

Relativity was a multimedia theatre play combining video projections, sound art and contemporary dance performed at Universum Teatteri Helsinki (FI).

Artistic concept: it is a misbelieve to think that we are not anymore a part of nature. Mankind has always been and still is a part of nature, even while destroying it. For every object we create we take the original material from nature. Nowadays in the majority of cases we modify the original materials drastically. This is often seen as a clear sign of our separation from nature, but at the end nature is capable to recycle whatever kind of substance, even if it will take thousands of years to do so. We are not as important and as powerful as we think, as at the end nature will recuperate from whatever we do. Nature will surely survive us. How and if mankind will survive is a mystery.

In the Finnish culture the idea and the approach to nature is not prioritized to human presence. Nature has been conceived as an equilibrium where all the elements depend on each other for survival. One of our goals is to give to this ancient idea a new reading.

Video-projection + scenography: Egle Oddo (as the reality)
Sound art + performance: Marko Timlin (as the wind)
Contemporary dance: Giorgio Convertito (as mother nature)